Why is Creativity so Important?

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”


I’m often times asked, “What’s next?” People want to know how I filled all my time in now that I have so much on my plate.

After being on autopilot for quite a long time, the freedom of deciding how I wanted to spend my day was very paralyzing, but I slowly eased my way in. If you’re wondering what your life might look like on the other side of a hurried, jam-packed schedule or worry that you won’t know what you’ll do with extra time and space, you’re DEFINITELY not alone.

It looks different for everyone, and the good part is you don’t have to figure it all out in advance. Now that I’ve created time and space in my life, I can be as creative as I want.

Why Be Creative?

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

Well, there’s plenty of reasons. As a start, it’s a known fact that creativity predicts a longer life…. James Clear cites studies and research that demonstrate creative behaviours decrease negative emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and improved medical outcomes.

Being creative helps you become a better problem solver in all areas of your life and work. Instead of coming to a linear, logical approach, your creative side can approach a situation from all angles. Creativity helps you see things with a different lens and better deal with the uncertainties that come your way. Studies even show that creative people are better able to live with uncertainty because they can adapt their thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown.

Although creativity also comes with many ups and downs and a high risk of failure, it can develop your confidence like no other. You have to be vulnerable to share your creations, your passions, your art. You have to be willing to take the risk that what you create may never see the light of the day. Engaging in the creative process is a great confidence builder, because you discover that failure is a part of the process. Once we see failure as something that is survivable, and something that helps us grow and that it makes our work better, we can release the fear and try new things even at the risk of failing.

The creative process invites everyone to be creative. Creativity makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling. It’s a way of living life that embraces originality and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas.