5 Powerful Instagram Tips (That Actually Work)

Since the time Instagram was created, it has grown into the ultimate platform for photo sharing…


As of late September, Instagram holds over 1 BILLION monthly active users, with 800 million of those logging on every day.

60 million photos posted each day, and 1.6 billion “likes” are given. There are huge numbers of influencers on the platform, as social media keeps growing day by day…. And with the right plan in place, you can become an influential brand as well!

By posting the right kind of content, and staying relevant to current followers while also bringing in new ones, you can grow quickly and efficiently. But more often then not, it’s hard to know what kind of posts work best for your brand!

So today I’m sharing 5 powerful Instagram marketing tips [that actually work] that you can use to milk the popular platform for all that it’s worth…

1. Switch to a business profile ASAP:

Before you think about your instagram marketing plan, make sure you have a Business Account.

—Just head to your settings and click on “Switch to Business Profile” to get started —

There are huge benefits to having a business profile. You’ll receive a contact button on your profile where followers can get in touch with you easily, as well as access to analytics, and insights which provide stats on the impressions and reach of your posts…

On top of that, a business profile lets you publish instagram ads without needing to use Facebook’s advertising tools.

2. Create sponsored ads:

Instagram ads have become very common on the platform. Don’t believe me?

Scroll through your feed quickly, and you’ll notice that every FIFTH post is a sponsored ad! This gives brands the ability to target audiences in a whole new way…

Use content that is engaging while also trying to appeal to the target demographic you want to put the ad in front of.

Run multiple posts to different audiences to maximize the reach!

There are many different forms available to take advantage of:

Photo ads
Video ads
Carousel/Dynamic Ads
Stories Canvas

3. Partner with influencers for a wider reach

The fastest way to reach large audiences or potential customers on Instagram is through influencers who have already built an audience with a large following!

More and more people are buying services or products based on what they see in their feed from influential people they follow. They trust them!

If you partner with the right industry influencer, you can get your brand out in front of those users.

If you throw aside the short term gains and direct sales that you can make from an influencer campaign there are even more long term-benefits.

When building a relationship with each influencer, you’ll build lasting brand awareness with a new audience.

4. Post at the right times (and don’t over-post)

Over-posting is the easiest way to turn off your existing followers. If all they see in their feed is you/your product/your service, they’ll most likely unfollow as fast as possible.

You should be posting on a consistent basis, so that you’re regularly in their feed, but do so by only posting on peak days and hours when your followers are online.

You can check these stats in your Instagram Insight and Analytics sections under the “Audience” tab.

5. Make sure to track the right metrics:

You can’t improve your instagram performance and optimize it unless you know how well your page and posts are performing [or underperforming]

Begin by tracking your growth rate. When you keep an eye on what the growth rate of your followers looks like, you can see how the kind of content your posting is affecting things.

Third party applications such as iconosquare.com prove most effective for tracking statistics as they give a much more in depth perspective on things compared to the analytics you’re given with Instagram for free.

Instagram dominates the social media world. It’s the go-to place for image sharing, and billions of likes are handed out each day.

You have to do your part in scooping some of them up!